Our Training Philosophy

Chrysalis focuses on providing quality, relevant and practical education and training in the fields of marine guiding, adventure guiding, nature guiding and wildlife conservation. Our passionate, highly qualified academic staff and guest speakers ensure that our clients not only gain knowledge, but also learn their own strengths and areas for development, enabling them to unleash their potential and spread their wings.

We are passionate about growing people and empowering them to “unleash their limitless potential”. To this end our training always includes a personal development component. For example: personal goal setting; personal branding, workplace skills such as: communication in the workplace, being an effective team member or professionalism in the workplace among others.

All of our courses are practically focused and aligned to Nationally Recognised Skills Programmes and Qualifications on the South African National Qualifications Framework. We are currently undergoing the process of registering as an accredited Training Provider and will soon be able to offer accreditation for our courses directly– eliminating the need to go through a third party provider

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