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Field Research and Monitoring Techniques

This course is our premium offering, with the added modules of Marine Ecology- focusing on Rocky Shores- and Marine Survey techniques, with a focus on Rocky Shore survey techniques, and where opportunity presents itself, we conduct surveys for marine researchers.

The course affords participants the opportunity to spend a large portion of their time in the field, learning not only, about the research and monitoring techniques taught, but also having the opportunity to spend time in nature and learn by being immersed in nature and the marine environment.

Where time and opportunity allow, we also do guided bush walks and early morning or evening game drives, for the enjoyment of it, and for participants to learn more about the African bushveld, and have some photo opportunities.

The course covers:

  • An introduction to conservation principles and ethics, with assessment tasks
  • Ecology and Ecological principles, with the focus on the ecology of the area that we will be working in. Students complete practical assessment tasks where they apply what is learnt in this module

Much of the course is spent out in the field, practising and perfecting various research and monitoring techniques, these may include among others:

  • Rapid Conducting basic rapid biodiversity assessments.
  • Conducting basic visual encounter surveys.
  • Qualitative assessments of dominants indicator species.

These are done in conjunction with:

  • Data collection on Alien invasive plant species infestations
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Camera trap surveys
  • Game counts
  • Collecting and preserving specimens, such as tree and grass samples

Other survey techniques may be included if there is a need expressed by the partners that we are working with for example, a vegetation survey focussing on Elephant Damage Assessment in a Reserve.

During the course, you will complete various assignments and practical tasks, with a final report that needs to be submitted.

Should you successfully complete all of the requirements of the assessments, you will receive a certificate of completion for this course stating the modules and techniques covered in the course. 

All training, and assessments are in line with a nationally accredited Skills Programme, named Research Assistant. 

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