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Chrysalis Nature Store specialises in books and accessories for nature guides and nature enthusiasts alike

Our carefully selected products include:

We are committed to quality products that stand up to the test of the needs of our clients and their clients

We stock the top brands

Frustrated with Clients arriving with the wrong books, or gear from the packing list you sent?

We’ve got it sorted for you

We offer

A convenient one-stop online “What to bring” shopping service for you and your clent.

No confusion about the right books, binoculars or accessories that are needed.

You select items for your client

You select what you want your clients to have from your packing list and send your clients to your company’s dedicated packing page on our website

Service Two

Your client selects items from your list

Your client selects and pays for the items they need from your packing list. We source and pack the goods.

Service Three

Parcel delivered to your nearest Pargo Pick-up Point

We arrange for the parcel to be delivered to a Pargo Pick-up-Point of your choice

Interested in our service?

Do you have students or clients who spend time in nature?

Need them to arrive at you with the right books and equipment?

Talk to us and we will put your client package together and have it delivered to a Pargo Pick-up-point near you.

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