Short Courses

Field Research and Monitoring Techniques:

Conservation and Ecotourism

3 Year course Certificate

The travel and tourism industry in South Africa is a growing industry that needs to provide the relevant skills and competencies to address the continuous growth in the tourism market.

The growth in the industry is amongst others, resultant from South Africa’s involvement in international business conferencing, sports and other events as well as national and international accessing of South Africa as a tourism destination of choice, in particular for exposure to and experiencing of its rich and diverse natural and cultural resources.

Training providers typically offer only Nature guide training course. This narrow focus can limit opportunities for those who want a diverse career in the Ecotourism Industry.

The Ecotourism industry is in demand of career guides who are more diversely qualified

The Chrysalis Conservation and Ecotourism Certificate meets this need by offering a career focused course that gives participants the opportunity to qualify as:

• Nature & Marine tourist guide
• Adventure tourist guide
• Culture tourist guide

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