Smithers’ Mammals of Southern Africa – Apps, Peter
A field guide to Animal Tracks of Southern Africa – Louis Liebenberg

Tracker Manual A practical guide to animal tracking in Southern Africa – Van den Heever, Alex; Mhlongo, Renias; Benadie, Karel

R 350

*Prescribed (Conservation and Ecotourism)

*Highly Recommended (Field research and Monitoring Techniques)

This practical guide to animal tracking is a one-of-its-kind manual, based on information developed with the help of southern Africa’s few remaining traditional trackers and their centuries-old wisdom in the field.

It presents the more concrete and obvious wildlife signs for some 160 animals and teams them with a host of seemingly unrelated details to give a comprehensive picture of recent – and not-so-recent – traffic through the bush.

Simple, bulleted text guides readers through the key points and teaches the broad-based observational skills required to detect and interpret messages; multiple photographs, some annotated, along with accurate track drawings for all the animals, offer a clear visual guide too.


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