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Below is a list of book and equipment options that you will or may need for your upcoming course.

We offer the service of giving you the opportunity to order and pay for your books through us with a 15% student discount.

We will then place orders with our suppliers and do our best to have these available when you arrive for your course. (Subject to supplier availability)

You are more than welcome to purchase your own or bring your own books and equipment for the course. The prescribed list below is the minimum requirement.

During your course, you may decide that you just have to have a certain title or titles!! The titles on the list below, and others will be available for sale during the course at a 15% discount. We will arrange opportunities for students to order books during the course. 

The list has been divided into 3 categories:


These are books that you must have for the course, there are several choices, but you need to have at least 1 from each category.  Namely: Birds; trees and General Nature, binoculars

The item at the top of the list is our most recommended.  You are welcome to ask us for guidance on making choices.

Highly Recommended:

These are books that will be useful during your course.  We have one or two copies of these in our library for students to share during practical and filed trips, but you may like to have your own…

Nice to Have

These books are great reference books and very useful for assisting with completing tasks and preparing for practical assessments. 

Click on the links below to view and purchase your books and equipment.

What you can do with the books and equipment at the end of the course:

We are aware that books and equipment can become heavy, and when flying, they may use up valuable weight. We therefore offer the following option for students who do not wish to keep their books after the course.

Option 1: Pay it Forward

You donate the books and or equipment to us, leave all of your contact details and we in turn donate these to a worthy recipient- for example a student who is on a bursary and not able to afford the books, or a person or group of people working on a reserve in a rural area near to where we attend field trips and learning about nature.  If you so wish, you may nominate who the recipient/s should be.

Option 2: Sell it

You sell the books or equipment to us. We would look at the condition of each and make an offer on each item, based on the condition of each make a fair offer.

Option 3: Donate it

You may choose to donate the books or equipment to us to include in our library or as our resources to loan to our students who may not be able to afford books and equipment when attending a course.

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