Terrestrial and Marine Research and Monitoring Techniques
Conservation and Ecotourism Certificate – 2020 Special

Marine Conservation and Ecology REMOTE Learning

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R 70,000

This course is available online for this AMAZING Price! 

YOU get a more than 70% discount!

Starting 5 October 2020


A once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity and offer

Combine our Marine Conservation and Ecology Course with the Marine Component of our Research course with a more than 60% discount! Regular Price R 84 000 Onsite Special R 30 000 Online Special R 20 000

The timing for this is RIGHT now – co-incinding with the annual sardine and whale migration

Help collect and analyse valuable data about this amazing migration- while learning all about the ocean!

A truly once-in-a-lifetime offer and opportunity.

Starting 15 June – 21 August 2020 (You can join any time and catch up online)

What is this course about?

Marine Ecology and an in depth look at various marine ecosystems such as:

  • Sandy shores
  • Rocky shores
  • Estuarine ecosystems
  • Coastal ecosystems
  • Mangroves
  • Complete a Boat Based Whale Watching Certificate (with the option of adding assessment for accreditation)
  • Go on a Boat Based Whale Watching excursion (Post COVID-19)
  • Discover the underwater world of the rocky shores through snorkelling
  • Complete and Open Water SCUBA diver’s course (Post COVID-19)
  • Complete a shark specialisation course
  • Discover the estuaries on a canoe
  • Walks along the shores and coastline

You receive a certificate of participation, that lists the modules and techniques learnt during the course.

We are able to arrange for FGASA assessments for those interested in gaining the Marine Guiding Qualification

We are able to arrange for accredited assessment as a Marine Guide for non-FGASA members

Online and Onsite Options are available.

Go to https://chrysalistraining.co.za/marine-conservation-and-ecology-certificate-2/ for more informtion.

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