Terrestrial and Marine Research and Monitoring Techniques
Conservation and Ecotourism Certificate – 2020 Special

Marine Conservation and Ecology REMOTE Learning

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Starting 5 October 2020

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Interact with our principal facilitator and marine biologist, Dr Deborah Robertson-Andersson daily

All lectures and assessments available online after each day’s sessions

NEW dates: 5 October  – 13 November 2020  (You can join any time and catch up online)

What is this course about?

Marine Ecology and an in depth look at various marine ecosystems such as:

  • Sandy shores
  • Rocky shores
  • Estuarine ecosystems
  • Coastal ecosystems
  • Mangroves


  • Learn about marine conservation issues
  • Complete a shark specialization course

You receive a certificate of proficiency ,listing all modules and skills learnt during the course. Your certificate will also be available online, for verification by external parties.

This course is more than adequate to prepare your for the Theoretical assessment of the FGASA Marine Guide qualification, if you wish to pursue this route.



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